Ammo Of Mig-Rust Primer


Ammo Of Mig-Rust Primer

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Ammo Of Mig-Rust PrimerOur water based primer available in a dark brown rust color perfectly suited for use under all types of paints. It’s perfect for use as base on rust effects or to chip later colors showing rust chippings. Our primer has excellent adhesion and smooth matte finish that ensures that every detail of the surface will stay crisp and the paint will grip over smoothly. Optimized formula for maximum performance with either brush or airbrush. 60 mL jar. Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

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