Confederation of the Rhine


Confederation of the Rhine

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HinchliffeSheet 1Confederation of the Rhine10 Flags per sheetRegimentsN0.1 Regt. The Liebregiment (Baden).N0.2 Regt. Grand Duke Hertitier.N0.3 Regt Markgraf Ludwig.N0.4 Regt. Von Harrant.1st Flag Liebregiment Hesse-Darmstadt.2nd Flag. Liebregiment Hesse-Darmstadt.1st Flag Erbprinz Regt. Hesse-Darmstadt.2nd Flag Erbprinz Regt. Hesse-Darmstadt.1st Inf Regt. Duchy of Berg.2nd Inf Regt. Duchy of Berg.Flags are printed on High quality semi gloss photo paper.15mm scale

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