Conquest Games Norman Infantry


Conquest Games Norman Infantry

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Conquest Games Norman InfantryBox of 44 multi-part, hard plastic Norman InfantryThe mounted knights of the ‘familia regis’ may have dominated early Medieval warfare, but they could not have done so without the support of a steadfast foot contingent; men sorely under-represented in our sources. Hired on in the hope of plunder and pay, the infantry were less well armed and armoured than their mounted compatriots, but never-the-less proved to be stalwart warriors. These miniatures can be used to represent the troops who fought at Hastings and during the early Crusades. Mastered from a variety of regions; Anjou, Brittany, Flanders, Lombardy and Maine as well as Normandy, these warriors will offer stanch support to any moiunted western European army.

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