DVD – AFV Acrylic Techniques by Mig Jimenez


AK InteractiveDVD – AFV Acrylic Techniques by Mig Jimenez (Washes,Chipping,Fading,Rust,Grease)...

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DVD – AFV Acrylic Techniques by Mig Jimenez (Washes,Chipping,Fading,Rust,Grease) 56 minuitesFor the first time, all techniques for painting military vehicles using only acrylics.We seem to believe that in order to paint a vehicle with quality we see at the modeling competions or in the most important publications, it is necessary to recur to a series of techniques of mixing agent, which almost always combine acrylic colours for the base with a wide selection of enamels or oil paints for the finishing the model. It seems to be understood that most of the effects can only be obtained precisely with the addition of solvent based products, and that is not possible to achieve the same effect with acrylic. And it is true that many of the effects accomplished with enamels are very hard to obtain with acrylics. But the trick is in creating similar effects in a different way, not only in the techniques, but also in the order of application of the products. For the first time, Mig Jimenez will demonstrate how it is possible to paint an armoured vehicle using only acrylic products, from the first effects of wear up till the dust, grease, or dirt stains. For all who desire to use only use acrylic products for their models, this DVD will explain all the details, all the tricks and methods to achieve unequalled results with our models.

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