French Napoleonic 1812


Solway Cotton FlagsFrench Napoleonic 1812

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Solway Cotton FlagsFrench Napoleonic 1812regiments3rd,4th,8th,12th,17th,18th,21st,25th,30th,33rd,45th,46th Line Infantry Regiments4th,6th,7th,9th,10th,16th,17th,24th Light Infantry Regiments1st,2nd Guard Grenadiers 1st,2nd, Guard Chassuers, Middle and Young Guard small flagsPrinted on A4 linen rather than paper. Once you remove the backing paper flags, run under a cold tap then stick and realisticaly shape using PVA. A number of flags are being redrawn by Pete Barfield and new items added25mm scale

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