Geek Villain Wargaming Battle Mat Grassy Hill (Cloth Mat)


Wargaming Battle Mat 6 X 4 Grassy Hill (Cloth)

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Geek Villain

Wargaming Battle Mat 6 X 4

Grassy Hill

We offer the highest quality gaming mats for the best value. Our mats are made from a high-quality durable cloth fabric. Due to the unique material used we have been able to achieve a high resolution image that is sharp with beautifully deep colours. Our mats will lay beautifully flat and due to the nature of the material they don’t easily crease. Some ironing maybe required if the mat is left folded for a long time. The mats allow you to be more creative, by placing hills underneath the mat you achieve a more realistic look.

Our mats weigh under 200g, which makes them the lightest on the market. They come packaged in a plastic zip-lock bag for easy storage and safe transit. Geek Villain battle mats fold up very easily so they can be transported in your gaming bag.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Printed in 1200dpi resolution
  • High quality cloth fabric
  • 6×4 plus* – approx. 56″x76″
  • Professionally illustrated
  • Suitable for 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm tabletop miniature wargaming!
  • This is NOT a fleece, a paper or PVC gaming mat

*Our mats are handmade, so not every mat will be exactly the same in size, however the minimum size of every mat will always be 6ft x 4ft.

*Please note that actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor



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