Lost Caverns of Gnash 3′ X 3′


Lost Caverns of Gnash

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Cigar Box Battle MatsLost Caverns of Gnash3′ X 3’Do you dare explore the “Lost Caverns of Gnash”? This is a 36″x36″ terrain mat perfectly suited for Role-Playing games, fantasy skirmish gaming, Pulp gaming, and other games that might require you to enter an enchanted and dangerous cavern!Use this mat “as is” or add your own dungeon terrain for a dynamic gaming experience. We use this mat for Old School RPG dungeon crawls, Frostgrave, and Pulp Games (The Mummy / Call of Cthulhu). What would you use it for?This fantastic looking mat is professionally illustrated on high quality, durable fleece. It travels light and can fold up and fit in your backpack for easy travel and quick setup at the local gaming club. Item #280

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