MA-101A Komachi Aluminium Airbrush


MA-101A Komachi Aluminium Airbrush

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MA-101A Komachi Aluminium AirbrushProfessional Series Airbrush – Single Action, Gravity Feed, Internal MixKomachi looks and feels different. Made from aluminium alloy, and it is light in weight and holds nicely in the hand.It operates in the like other single action airbrush with a separate trigger and nozzle adjustment at the back.Start spraying with the Komachi and you will see it has control that rivals double action airbrushes. Fines lines and patterns that are hard to achieve with other airbrushes are much easier to do with Komachi.The crown needle cap reduces air turbulence so you can get closer to spray fine details.Precision metal nozzles delivers superior performance over a much longer lifetime. Fine 0.3mm nozzle is standard with options for ultra fine 0.2mm, and medium 0.5mm nozzles. MA-101A Komachi Airbrush 3, 5 and 12 ml cups. 1 precision metal nozzle (fine 0.3mm) Crown needle cap Minor adjustment tail Plastic storage case.

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