Napoleonics French Infantry


HinchliffeNapoleonics French InfantryWaterloo 1815

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HinchliffeSheet 19Napoleonics French InfantryWaterloo 18151st Corps: Count D’Erlon.20 Flags per sheet.Regiments 1st Btn. 54th Line Regt.1st Btn. 55th Line regt.  1st Btn. 28th line regt.1st Btn. 105th Line Regt. 1st Btn. 13th Light Regt.1st Btn. 17th Light Regt. 19th Line regt.51st Line Regt. 21st Line Regt.46th Line Regt. 25th Light Regt.45th Line Regt. 8th Line Regt.29th Line Regt. 85th Line Regt.95th Line Regt. 3rd Regt. of Chasseurs.7th regt. of Chasseurs. 3rd regt. of lancers.4th Regt of lancers.Flags are printed on High quality semi gloss photo paper.25mm scale

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