Oderless Turpentine 100ml


AK InteractiveOderless Turpentine 100ml

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Odorless Turpentine (Thinner for Enamel Paints)


AK-050Our odourless turpentine is very different from our white spirit. As well as being odourless, this product is softer than the white spirit and because of this it is very useful for doing softer more delicate blending on our models or working with washes and filters. This new 100ml bottle offers great value for money, you get the nearly the same amount of turpentine as you would get in three of our smaller 35ml bottles, but at less than it costs to buy two. A great opportunity for all of you that need and use a large quantity of odourless turpentine for your work. Exclusively for use with enamel and oil paints.

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