Pigment – Dark Steel 35ml


AK InteractivePigment – Dark Steel 35ml

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Pigment – Dark Steel 35mlAK-086The definitive collection of pigments designed for modellers. Mig Jimenez, the original creator of pigments which are popular all over the world, has created the new definitive range of pigments for modellers. A series of necessary, basic colours so that you don??t get lost looking in a never ending reference catalogue. These selections of colours are the most used and completely new colours. Also they are much finer than the existing products on the market and contain nearly 3 times the quantity. These are all the colours a modeller needs, don??t waste your money on over elaborate or little used colours. How to use: High quality pigments especially designed for modelling. You can apply the pigment dust directly on the model and also fix the pigment using fixer or white spirit. Mix with earth, plaster and other products to give volume and different textures. These pigments are not toxic but avoid inhalation or consumption.

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