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Army Painter Quick Shade Soft ToneThis Quick Shade is the lightest of the 3 types...

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Army PainterQuick Shade Soft ToneThe famous and ground-breaking Quick Shade is a pigmented varnish which will shade your miniatures perfectly and still let the colours come through. Painting armies of miniatures to fantastic results has never been easier – especially if you combine this high quality product with the revolutionary Colour Primers.This product has been specifically designed and engineered to work with 10-28mm miniatures and should not be confused with the many dodgy floor varnishes, shoe polishes and the old FAP out there. This product’s sole purpose is for use with miniatures ONLY. The technique of dipping is not new. Shading your miniatures with a single dip is old, especially within the historical scene – but finally, a product which will shade your army perfectly and is fantastically easy to use …you will not be disappointed!This Quick Shade is the lightest of the 3 types and is usually applied on lighter colours as a consequence. Especially light flesh colours, pink, yellow and white will get a perfect finish.If you do not necessarily want a sharp and dark shading on your miniatures, but instead prefer the lighter look – the SOFT Tone is your choice.

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