Railway Fast Method Paint Set


Railway Fast Method Paint Set

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Railway Fast Method Paint Set

For the first time, a very fast method to paint your railroad tracks with only 6 colors applied with your airbrush. One of the main problems for model makers who make trains is painting the countless endless tracks of our circuits. Using only these 6 colors we can get a very acceptable, realistic and above all very fast result. Use the colors in the order indicated, applied directly with your airbrush.

5 steps you will get the result you were looking for without complications and without complex painting processes. Once everything is painted, you only have to pass the rubber to polish your rails and remove paint from the part that makes contact with your locomotives.

The final look is a classic European or American standard track tone that can be seen almost everywhere.

You can also paint more details with a brush and using the same colours if you are looking for an area where you want it to have more detail or quality.

As our colours are non-toxic and odorless, you can use them inside your home, in the area where you have your layout or railway model, even with children around you.

If you want to have a more realistic and professional look, use the A.MIG-7470 DEPOT AREAS – SLUDGE TRACKS WEATHERING SET to make dirt, rust or even grease and oil effects.

Includes the references:

  • A.MIG-0042 OLD RUST
  • A.MIG-0072 DUST
  • A.MIG-0073 EARTH

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