Saga – Northern Fury Rulebook Expansion


Saga – Northern Fury Rulebook Expansion

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Saga – Northern Fury Rulebook ExpansionNorthern Fury +22 pages, full colour. Comes with 4 card Battleboards – Anglo-Saxon, Breton, Jomsvikings & Scots.The first expansion from our best-est chums Studio Tomahawk for SAGA: Skirmishes in The Dark Ages is almost upon us!Northern Fury contains details of 4 new warbands (Anglo-Saxon, Breton, Jomsvikings & Scots) for use in your SAGA games (including 4 new Battleboards) plus a new multi-player scenarios, Wooden Oaths.In case you are wondering, the Anglo-Saxons use the same dice as the Anglo-Danes, the Bretons the same as the Normans and the Jomsvikings use the Viking dice.

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