Space Rail Level 3 (Beginner) 16000mm


Space Rail Level 3 (Beginner) 16000mm

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Space Rail Level 3 (Beginner) 16000mmLevel 3 has more loops, but is still easy to assemble.This set is suitable for beginners. An English instruction manual is included.Rail length: 16000mm Assembled size: 71 x 20 x 36cm Steel balls: 3pcs Weight: 2kg Difficulty: Moderate Assembly time: 2-3 hours Recommended for beginners English instruction manual includedIncludesBase Unit x 6 Shaft 300mm x 10 Shaft 200mm x 3 Rail 16000mm x 1 Arm Parts x 40 Rail Stand x 45 Elevator Part x 1 Gear Box x 1 Fork Parts x 1 Base Holder (big) x 2 Base Holder (small) x 2 Gear Box Stand x 2 Shaft Stand x 1 Steel Ball x 3 Rail Joining Parts x 10 English/Chinese Instruction Manual x 1

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