Wild Grass Tufts Spring


Mini NaturSH737-21S Wild Grass Tufts Spring

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Mini NaturSH737-21S Wild Grass Tufts SpringThese tufts are approximately 6mm tall and are suitable for a range of models especially the bases of the popular 28-32mm models.These ready to use grass clusters come in a range of seasonal colours to suit all types of terrain pieces, scenes and models.Each product pack comes in a handy to use size, where the individual grass clumps a lightly stuck to a transparent piece of film and are easily removed with tweezers. Each clump “stands up” just like real grass to achieve a realistic effect on your models.By mixing and matching the varying lengths and colours in the grass tuft range you can achieve some incredibly realistic scenes with minimal effort.Each packet contains approximately 4″ x 6″ (10cm x 15cm) of this product.

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